Minority Coalition (MinCo)

We are the Minority Coalition (MinCo) and we represent a multitude of student groups concerned with ethnicity, religion, politics, gender and sexuality. We advocate moving beyond tolerance toward respect and the celebration of the diversity of our Williams Community.

Jewish Association at Williams

Are you a Hillel?

We are a Hillel-affiliated campus organization, through Hillel’s Soref initiative. At Williams, we don’t use the Hillel “brand name.” We stick with Williams College Jewish Association, WCJA [wick-djuh]

How many Jewish students are there at Williams?

Who knows? Approximately 225, that’s just over 10% of the 2000 undergraduates.

What is the JRC?

The Jewish Religious Center is a place for the Jewish community at Williams College to come together for religious observances and social events. It is located on Stetson Court (across the street from the Admissions office). Although we welcome members of the greater community to our services and events, the Jewish Religious Center is a space designed to serve the needs of Jewish students at Williams College.

What is Shabbat like at Williams?

Every Friday, students gather to cook Shabbat dinner. There are student-led services each week. We welcome the Williams community to our home-cooked Shabbat dinner where we typically serve 60-80 people each week.

Is there kosher food on campus?

Yes. The JRC kitchen is a kosher kitchen and is under the supervision of the Jewish Chaplain. Meals are prepared there to stock the “Kosher/Hallal Corner” in the Greylock and Mission dining halls. Also, weekly Shabbat dinners are prepared in the kitchen by students trained in kashrut. The kitchen is also available for more regular use to those who would like to do so.

What happens on Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, and Passover?

We have student-led services for two days of Rosh Hashana as well as Yom Kippur. Each year, we are invited to President Schapiro’s home for break-the-fast. On Passover, we host seders on each of the first two nights. Our kitchen at the JRC is kashered for Passover and many students cook all their meals there over the course of the holiday. Also, “Passover friendly food” is available in all the dining halls for that week.

About AASiA

Asian American Students in Action (AASiA), as the umbrella organization for Chinese-American Student Organization (CASO), Koreans of Williams (KOW), South Asian Students Association (SASA), is committed to facilitation, interaction, and communication among these groups. AASiA is also an independent group, separate from the subgroups, with its own goals and activities and works to foster Asian American awareness in the Williams community. AASiA is also prepared to act as the representative of the subgroups in large events jointly sponsored with other organizations on campus. Through social activities, intellectual discussions, and political activism, AASiA strives to provide a forum for community-building and cross-cultural exchange.  AASiA and all its subgroups are also members of the Williams College Minority Coalition (MinCo).

BSU Mission

In recognition that the group solidarity and group consciousness are important for the improvement of all people of Black African Ancestry,

In recognition that there is a need to create a foundation on which people of Black African Ancestry can create and sustain traditions unique to them,

In recognition that Williams and other institutions have historically been inadequate in addressing the social and cultural needs and issues important to people of Black African Ancestry,

We the students of Black African Ancestry at Williams, find the need for the establishment of a Black Student Union.

Our purpose is three-fold

  • To provide a local mechanism through which people of Black African Ancestry can find emotional, academic, and social support. This means: providing a mechanism through which students can articulate concerns regarding the curriculum and the general administration of the College; providing a mechanism through which students can articulate concerns regarding local events and issues; providing funds and a space for cultural and social events important to students of Black African Ancestry at Williams; providing a support network that will enable students of Black African Ancestry to achieve in the classroom in spite of financial and emotional obstacles.
  • To provide a support network through which students can become more engaged in the global effort to improve the lot of all people of Black African Ancestry. This means; providing a mechanism through which students of Black African Ancestry at Williams College can maintain contact with other students and organizations whose goals are similar to those articulated here; providing support to political organizations, worldwide, whose goals are in agreement with those articulated here.
  • To provide support to all people whenever possible.

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