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Williams College Library's available collection on racism & anti racism PDF


  • How To Be Antiracist by Ibram X Kendi (Amazon / Bookshop)
  • White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide by Carol Anderson (Amazon / Bookshop
  • Raising Our Hands: How White Women Can Stop Avoiding Hard Conversations, Start Accepting Responsibility, and Find Our Place on the New Frontlines by Jenna Arnold out June 23, 2020 (Amazon / Bookshop
  • When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir by Patrisse Khan-Cullors and asha bandele (Amazon / Bookshop
  • How To Be Less Stupid About Race: On Racism, White Supremacy, and the Racial Divide by Crystal M Fleming (Amazon / Bookshop
  • So You Wanna Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo (Amazon / Bookshop
  • The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander (Amazon / Bookshop
  • White Tears, Brown Scars: How White Feminism Betrays Women of Color by Ruby Hamad (Amazon / Bookshop
  • The End of Policing: How the police endanger us and why we need to find an alternative by Alex S. Vitale (Amazon / Bookshop)
  • Dog Whistle Politics: How Coded Racial Appeals have Reinviented Racism and Wrecked the Middle Class by  (Amazon/Bookshop)


Please join us for a discussion of abolition, organizing, anti-Asian American violence, and the colonial-racial logics of the COVID-19 pandemic, with Dylan Rodríguez this Friday, April 16th, at 3pm Eastern.

Dylan Rodríguez is a professor in the Department of Media & Cultural Studies at UC Riverside. Rodríguez's thinking, writing, teaching, and scholarly activist labors address the complexity and normalized proliferation of historical regimes and logics of anti-Black and racial-colonial violence in everyday state, cultural, and social formations. He conceptualizes abolitionist and other forms of movement as part of the historical collective genius of rebellion, survival, abolition, and radical futurity.

Rodríguez is a Freedom Scholar and a recent president of the American Studies Association. Rodríguez is also the author of three books: White Reconstruction: Domestic Warfare and the Logic of Racial Genocide (2021), Forced Passages: Imprisoned Radical Intellectuals and the U.S. Prison Regime (2006), and Suspended Apocalypse: White Supremacy, Genocide, and the Filipino Condition (2009). He is also co-editor of the field-shaping anthology Critical Ethnic Studies: A Reader (2016). 

If you'd like to get a jump on the conversation, check out this article by Kayla Hui for Prism: "The answer to anti-Asian racism is not more policing"

This event is sponsored by the Williams College Oakley Center for the Humanities and Social Sciences and was organized by members of the "Race and Precarity in Pandemic Times" reading group. The event will not be recorded. Please direct questions about the event to Prof. Jan Padios at [email protected]

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What has been the experience of local Berkshire County AAPI during Covid-19? What were the experiences at work and at home? Please join The Davis Center on a panel discussion with local AAPI leaders, Helen Moon, Yukon Cohen, and Michelle Decepida as they reflect on the past year! Zoom link: Image description: A purple background with concentric circles overlaid with images of the three panelists. ...

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Williams DREAM is a new student group committed to disabled community, self-advocacy, pride, and culture. Disabled students and non-disabled allies are both welcome to join! Image Description: Text over a purple background reading "Join DREAM: Disability Rights, Education, Activism, and Mentorship, the new disability RSO on campus! 5pm Eastern Wednesday, April 7th. Zoom link in bio. ...

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Root is an EphVenture program designed to raise questions and generate discussions about who we are, where we live and how we interact with the various environments we occupy. We use ‘environment’ to refer to rural and urban, natural and constructed, and sociocultural spaces that shape our interactions with each other and with the world. [Photo ID: The image shows a neon green box with a dark green border surrounded by a print of leaves in different shades of green.] ...

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is taking applications for #summeropportunitygrants now until April 19. #lgbtq🌈 @wcqsu #intersectionality #genderstudies #williamsdaviscenter #WilliamsCollegeDavisCenter #williamscollege #summergrant opportunity

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@cisa_wc @williamsinternationals @williamscollegeiss @socawc @williams_africans @ephsasa @williams.msu #williamsdaviscenter #williamscollege Career Webinar for Undocumented, DACA, and TPS Students: This workshop will focus on career exploration for undocumented students with DACA, TPS, or no work permit. We'll cover information about internship and work options, how and when to answer questions about status, and resources for job searches.

No registration required; no attendance will be taken at this event. Please contact ec12 for links and additional information.

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#unmaskingcovid19 @naacpberkshires @berkshirepride #berkshirecommunities #BerkshireCounty @devalpatrick former #massachusettsgovernor #devalpatrick will be meeting with @williamsdaviscenter 's director will be there! All are welcome! #vaccinationeducation #covid19 #williamscollege #williamstownma #pittsfieldma #northadamsma @simons_rock ...

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Hi everyone! It’s me Devon Parfait (‘22) again. Tomorrow I will co-presenting a talk with Ronadh Cox, a Geoscience professor here at the college, and Chief Shirell of my tribe the Grand Caillou/Dulac Band of Biloxi Chitimacha Choctaw. If you are interested to learn more about our collaboration, the Louisiana tribes, or just have some spare time, I would love for you to be a part of the event! Go register! ...

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As you reflect on and celebrate the life and legacy of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., consider stopping by the First Congo Church to make canned food donations, mitten donations, or grab a letter writing kit! Document your participation on social media using the hashtag mlkmountaintop! #mlkmountaintop More information for engaging can be found at ...

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Join us for programming celebrating and reflecting on the life and legacy of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. More information on how to engage here: [Photo ID: The image shows a black and white photograph of Martin Luther King Jr. speaking in front of five microphones laid over a light blue background with polka dots on the right, stripes on the left, and a yellow circle behind MLK Jr.’s head.] ...

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#immigrantheritagemonth IG: @cisa_wc @williamscollege @williamsinternationals ...

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We are hosting our annual Summer Internship Workshop event, The Three Rs: Researching, Resumes, and Recommendations on Saturday, December 5th from 6-7PM EST. This event is catered towards underclassmen who would like guidance on the summer application process. This first part of our Summer Internship series will focus on researching programs, creating one’s resume and cover letter, and asking for recommendations. #OURstem+ @ephcareers

Here’s the link to join OURSTEM+ (also to receive resources after the event):

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stay connected but stay apart!! we're sad to no longer inhabit the same square miles and the increased covid-19 risk means we won't be gathering in-person, but that doesn't impact our plans to party virtually!

Join in for a live set from Miami-Based DJ @UltraTHEM hosted by Williams Beyond the Binary on Sat Nov 21st, 8-9pm est via

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#End SARS is a #decentralisedsocialmovement and series of mass protests against #policebrutality in #Nigeria. The slogan calls for the disbanding of the #SpecialAnti-RobberySquad (#SARS), a notorious unit of the Nigerian Police with a long record of abuses. Tens of thousands of Nigerians have been demonstrating for weeks.
Join us for a panel conversation on the #EndSARS Protests and the repressive response by the state in Nigeria. Our panelists are #AbosedeGeorge, Associate Professor of History and #AfricanaStudies at Barnard College and #JacobOlupona, Professor of #AfricanReligiousTraditions, with a joint appointment as Professor of African and African American Studies in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at #HarvardDivinitySchool. The conversation will be moderated by #BenjaminTwagira, Assistant Professor of History at Williams College. Audience Q&A to follow.
Co-Sponsored by the History Department, Global Studies, Africana Studies, WASO (Williams African Students Organization), and the W. Ford Schumann ’50 Program in Democratic Studies.

Please see link in poster to register

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#williamscollege #Africana  #MatthewSmith, 
    #SterlingBrown '22 Visiting Professor of Africana Studies


   #Music, Rights, and the Imaginationof #Jamaica

@williamscollege Born out of a context both universal to the black experience and particular 

to its social circumstances, Reggae music became a recognizable part of the 

global mainstream in the 1970s. Much of this success was in large measure 

due to the charismatic influence of Bob Marley. Even at middle age, Reggae 

has sustained its reputation as rebel music for global youth who remain its 

biggest consumers. Along the way creation myths have hardened. The 

microhistories of Reggae’s formation and slow rise remain tangled threads in 

the larger story of Jamaica.

This multimedia presentation returns to the early years of Reggae drawing out fine 
details that are critical but often overlooked parts of its biography. It examines these 
foundational years through reflections on various performances and uses of Bob Marley’s 
song One Love. It argues that like the song, Reggae’s power can best be appreciated by 
close consideration of the struggle for civil rights and the cultural intersections between 
independent Jamaica and the United States in the 1960s. 

#bobmarley #RobertNestaMarley #onelove #rootsreggae email unix NIM2 for zoomlink

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#Diwali2020 #HappyDiwali #WilliamsCollege #Namaste May the beauty of Deepavali fill your home with happiness, and may the coming year provide you with everything that brings you joy @ephsasa HSA ...

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Book Launch for Afrocubanas: 

   History, Thought, 

and Cultural Practices

Friday, November 13, 2020 Noon–1:30 pm Register here

Join #Williamscollege and #DavidsonColleges for the launch of #Afrocubanas: 
History, Thought, and Cultural Practices. Originally published in Spanish
and edited by Cuban historian #DaisyRubieraCastillo and playwright and
theater critic #InésMaríaMartiatu Terry, this ground-breaking edited collection
is the first work of its kind. It places the experiences of black and #mulata 
women at the center of #Cubanhistory. The book provides new histories,
analysis, and testimonies about black women’s lives to challenge negative
stereotypes about black women in Cuba.
In dialogue with Professor Neil Roberts from Williams College,
Dr. Devyn Spence Benson (the editor for this translation) will share the process
that led to the new English edition (Rowman and Littlefield, 2020), examine the
politics of translating black Cuban women’s experiences into English, and explore
how translation serves as an act of radical black feminism.
Sponsored by the W. Ford Schumann ’50 Program in Democratic Studies,
Africana Studies, and Latina/o Studies at Williams College and Davidson’s
Africana Studies and Latin American Studies Departments.

All are welcome but registration required...

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#williamsdaviscenter #williamscollegecommunity @ibnusamahansari @wc.bstem @wcblackstudentunion @williamsafricanastudies

 "Black Music and Freedom: Blues Legacies and Black Feminism" 

with Marcus Shelby (featuring Tiffany Austin)

Wednesday, November 11  6:00–8:00

#MarcusShelby, a renowned composer, bassist, arranger, bandleader, and director of Healdsburg Jazz is giving a virtual presentation and performance for AFR 440: #PerformingBlackness and you're also invited!  Over the past two decades Marcus Shelby has explored the relationship between the blues and Freedom Movements in the United States, composing for big band orchestra including suites about Harriet Tubman, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the music of the Civil Rights Movement, the history of Negro League baseball, the Port Chicago Mutiny during War World 2, and mass incarceration. This presentation will include a discussion on the history and meaning of the songs sung by “Ma” Gertrude Rainey, Bessie Smith, and Billie Holiday, videos, recordings, photos, and live performances throughout, featuring special guest vocalist and lyricist Tiffany Austin with Marcus Shelby on bass. This event is made possible by the Lecture Committee, Africana Studies, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Music and the Center for Learning in Action. Please direct any questions to Professor Rashida K. Braggs at [email protected]   #africanastudies

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