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The Davis Center Community Engagement Fellows

The Community Engagement Fellows are a Davis Center-trained, peer-to-peer diversity education group. The DC Community Engagement Fellows work closely with the DC staff and are part of the Davis Center’s effort to provide education for the campus on issues of identity, power, and privilege in order to build a more inclusive community.

Trained extensively by Davis Center Staff, Community Engagement Fellows are available to hold workshops on issues of identity, power, and privilege for groups at Williams. Interested in bringing the CEF’s to talk to your entry, team, class, student org, neighborhood, dorm, etc? Check out the available workshops and submit a request below.

These workshops are not intended to take the place of conflict resolution in fraught spaces.

Workshops Offerings

Social Identity 101

Want to learn about how social identities (race, class, gender, sexuality, and etcetera) shape our experiences on this campus and in our communities? This student-led interactive workshop will cover this and more. This workshop is designed for people hoping to take some first steps to understand social identity, privilege, and oppression. In this DC-led workshop, participants will think critically about their identities within social categories of race, gender, ethnicity, ability, class, and other markers that influence our access to resources, our socioeconomic power, and how we interact with the world and each other. (90 minutes)



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