Responding to Covid-19

Welcome to the Fall 2020 semester!

Like all of campus, the Davis Center staff went remote when campus closed in mid-March 2020. Since that time, we have remained available via virtual drop in hours and we have worked to make all of our work pandemic style—remote and now increasingly and hopefully hybrid with the return to campus this Fall. We remain available for virtual drop in hours. In addition, we have worked to respond to the ongoing challenges of the pandemic and of racial violence.


New Virtual Workshop Opportunity:

Covid-19 Health Advocacy Training

The COVID-19 Health Advocacy Training is a series of six short videos addressing COVID-19 and safer  practices, as well as caring for oneself and for each other during this pandemic. The training examines racialized interpretations and impacts of COVID-19, and why social identities matter in dealing with the virus and with each other, as we engage in sometimes challenging discussions. Created by Davis Center Community Engagement Fellows, this training is a peer to peer education and advocacy initiative, that others may find informative and helpful. The videos are available on-line, and follow-up discussion opportunities are available.


Additional Covid-19 Resources For Support and Education