LGBTQ+ @ Williams: Campus Resources

Mental health counseling via Integrative Wellness Services:

    • IWS is composed of therapists available to support enrolled students! Get connected to find out about mental health counseling options, TalkSpace, and WellConnection.

Supportive housing accommodations via HART:

    • Students can apply for a housing appeal for a multitude of reasons, including disability/ accessibility needs, Title IX related concerns,  problematic roommate pairings, etc. While first-year students are discouraged from applying for a housing appeal before discussing their concerns with their respective Dean, you know your housing needs. Feel free to submit an appeal in the process of scheduling a follow-up with your Dean about how they can support you in this process. If you have housing accommodation concerns related to navigating trans identity in the dorms, feel empowered to submit a HART form/request housing accommodations.

Gender Inclusive Restrooms across campus:

    • Many bathrooms on campus are single-stall, and people are free to choose whichever bathroom (single- or multi-stall) they feel most comfortable with. Our non-discrimination policy protects you: there are no surgery, documentation or hormone requirements.
    • You can also use the All-Gender Restrooms option on Williams’ interactive map to find all-gender restrooms on campus.

Pronouns and Name via Williams Student Records:

    • By filling out a simple form in Williams Student Records with your correct name and pronouns (there is a separate form for each) you can ensure that campus (aside from financial aid and health services) will have access to your name and pronouns.
    • The pronouns you select will be visible only to campus constituents who have login access to Williams Student Records, GLOW, and Williams Students Online (WSO)—faculty, assigned academic advisors, classmates (GLOW), and campus community members (WSO).
    • You can update your name and pronouns in Williams Student Records as often as you like, and any changes will be reflected in GLOW and WSO within 24 hours.
    • Contact [email protected] with any questions about names and pronouns in Williams Student Records.

Healthcare via Thompson Health Center:

    • All students are able to access free STD/STI testing at the Thompson Health Center (by lab work appointment). 

Reproductive and Sexual Healthcare via Planned Parenthood:

    • Planned Parenthood is in-network for students with the college health insurance plan.

Hormone Therapy via Planned Parenthood:

    • Planned Parenthood uses an informed consent model to address Trans/GNC HRT needs (the closest is in Bennington, VT and telehealth allow access to providers across Mass).

Domestic and Sexual Violence: Elizabeth Freeman Center

    • With offices located in North Adams, Pittsfield, and Great Barrington, offers a plethora of care with a cultural competency around marginalized identities and specialized support for immigrant, LGBTQ, and child survivors. They are still open for in-person visits but also do online visits.