Minority Coalition (MinCo)

Minority Coalition (MinCo)

The Davis Center works closely with student groups across campus. Included in those groups is the Minority Coalition, a group of student organizations united under the leadership of the MinCo Steering Board. The Davis Center provides advising and logistical support for these groups.

Born out of the advocacy and protests of students, the Davis Center continues to fulfill its mission by working closely with student organizations. Many of these organizations fall under the broad umbrella of MinCo.

The Minority Coalition (MinCo) provides a more unified voice against prejudice and discrimination against minority students by serving as a mechanism for minority groups to come together in organizational, social, academic and political spheres. MinCo facilitates cooperation and communication amongst its member organizations, the campus and the Williamstown community and is an active voice in constructing a stronger community more aware of minority concerns.

Listserv: [email protected];

Office Location: Paresky 2nd floor

2017-2018 Co-Chairs: Amina Awad and Ezekiel Phillips

Meetings: Tuesdays, 6:45-9 pm, Jenness classroom.

2017-2018 MinCo Organizations

Asian American Students in Action (AASiA), advised by Angela Wu

Black Student Union (BSU), advised by Bilal Ansari

B-STEM, advised by Chris Goh

Chinese American Student Organization (CASO), advised by Angela Wu

Coalition for Immigrant Student Advancement (CISA), advised by Ceci Del Cid

Feminist Collective (FemCo), advised by Angela Wu

Koreans of Williams (KOW), advised by Angela Wu

International Club (IC), advised by Bilal Ansari

Muslim Student Union (MSU), advised by Bilal Ansari

Nihonjin American Student Union (NASU), advised by Angela Wu

OUR-STEM, advised by Chris Goh

Queer Student Union (QSU), advised by Shawna Patterson-Stephens

South Asian Student Association (SASA), advised by Bilal Ansari

Students of Caribbean Ancestry (SoCA), advised by Ceci Del Cid

VISTA: The Latinx and Allies Student Organization, advised by Ceci Del Cid

Williams African Students Organization (WASO), advised by Shawna Patterson-Stephens

Williams College Jewish Association (WCJA), advised by Bilal Ansari