Funding for Faculty & Staff

Submission requirements:

  • Please upload a detailed description of the event/program for which you are requesting funds that includes:
    • a full budget (including other sources of income or funding),
    • purpose/mission of the event or program,
    • key partners/sponsoring offices, and
    • thoughts on how you might communicate some aspect(s) of your experience to the larger campus community. Our goal is to make the principal concepts explored in DC sponsored programs and events accessible to wider audiences, fulfilling the Center’s commitment to accessibility of sparking enduring conversations. Furthermore, these submissions highlight outstanding events and archive these experiences for future students, faculty, staff, and alumni and assist the DC in our internal assessments.

Feel free to upload any additional supporting documents.

Submission Criteria:

  • Submission of an expenditure report is due within 14 business days of program/project/conference completion.  Reports should include sources of funding, a detail outlining all associated expenditures, and how available funding was applied across expenditures.  Please email reports to Shawna Patterson-Stephens at [email protected]
  • We hope you will consider writing a short article/blog post or presenting about your research or project in a Davis Center
    programming opportunity. Submission timing can be discussed with a member of the Davis Center staff.

Decisions about funding and funding amounts are at the discretion of the Davis Center.

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