Community Engagement Fellows

The Community Engagement Fellows are a Davis Center-trained, peer-to-peer diversity education group. The DC Community Engagement Fellows work closely with the DC staff and are part of the Davis Center’s effort to provide education for the campus on issues of identity, power, and privilege in order to build a more inclusive community.
Our Community Engagement Fellows hold student office hours and are ambassadors for the Davis Center across campus. Stop by Jenness House, or whenever you see them, and say “Hi!”.


  • Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
    Class of: 2022
    Why I decided to become a community engagement fellow: So many people encounter issues of identity in their everyday lives at Williams, and I want to help people navigate the difficult experiences and conversations that emerge from these encounters. I believe that there’s a lot of power in talking to fellow students about issues of identity in order to feel seen, understand experiences, and find the words to name our struggles.
    About me: I grew up in Boston with two Venezuelan parents and an older sister. I did ballet for most of my life and competed as a slam poet in high school. At Williams, I am a prospective Political Science major, I serve on the Ritmo Latino board, and I participate in the P3 program that sends Williams students to tutor men at a correctional facility in Pittsfield. I’m passionate about law, immigration reform, and politics. In my free time I like to make and alter clothes, cook, and watch movies.
    Come talk to me about: Anything! Having immigrant parents, being queer, being Latinx, understanding feminism, growing up isolated from your communities, confronting privilege, staying sane in Williamstown, or whatever else you want to talk about.
  • Pronouns: They/Them
    Class of: 2020
    Why I decided to become a community engagement fellow: I am really interested in community building as a way to live communally, build resistance to systems of oppression, and communicate! I am big on us all living, working, and organizing together because to me it makes a lot of sense!
    About me: I grew up in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, where you could find me playing tennis against a brick wall, sleeping with my dogs, spending too much time doing homework, playing video games, and creating mental health programming at my high school. More recently, at Williams, I’ve been involved in movements to better distribute the wealth and resources at Williams.
    Come talk to me about: Anything & specifically: queerness (sexual orientation & gender identity), anti-capitalism & alternative economies, mental health, financial independence, financial struggles & financial aid, being a first-generation college student, networking, activism & organizing, the environment & sustainability, emotional support animals & animals generally, video games (pokemon, call of duty, nintendo, playstation), accessing Williams’ resources, the study away program I did through the Autonomous University of Social Movements….
  • Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
    Class of:
    Why I decided to become a community engagement fellow: My freshmen year would have been much harder without the staff, spaces, and resources at the Davis Center. Learning to name important aspects of my identity and put words to experiences that have shaped my identity has been key to building my confidence as a person and as a Williams student. As a community engagement fellow, I am eager to support and listen to students as they navigate topics and experiences pertaining to social justice and their identities.
    About me: I’m from Littlerock, California, a small desert town in the Antelope Valley. Being raised by Guatemalan immigrants, I proudly speak Spanish just as badly as I speak English, and am down for a cup of coffee any time of day.
    Come talk to me about: I’m up to talk about anything, including being first-gen and low-income student at Williams, my experience with mental health resources on campus, finding time to read for fun during the semester, faith, and good vegan food in Williamstown.
  • Pronouns: They/Them
    Class of:
    Why I decided to become a community engagement fellow: I hope that my work as a Community Engagement Fellow will give me new ways to work towards intentional, caring community. I also hope that I can help make conversations about identity and social justice more accessible regardless of people’s background knowledge.
    About me: I’m Haley. I’m a non-binary queer person from Oregon. I love poetry, coffee, making art, being on the beach during storms, and my family. I care deeply about social justice on the societal scale and in our everyday lives.
    Come talk to me about: Being far from home, art and healing, experiences of gender, working while at Williams, zines, self-care strategies, or anything else!

  • Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
    Class of: 2022
    Why I decided to become a community engagement fellow: I thought by helping others in the community navigate complex questions and topics related to identity (more specifically, identity in relation to society), this could also become a personal learning experience that would help me step out of the purple bubble.
    About me: I am a sophomore from Seoul, Korea but this is my fifth year in the New England area because I went to boarding school. I love anything that has banana, peanut butter, or dark chocolate in it.
    Come talk to me about: Studying away from home, privilege, class, or really just anything on your mind that feels stressful!
  • Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
    Class of: 2020
    Why I decided to become a community engagement fellow: I come from a place that continues to be impacted by the legacy of segregation (in the school system and neighborhoods) and have seen how living in bubbles and lack of information/awareness can prompt prejudice, disrespect, and hate. I used to be an athlete at Williams, and being in multiple spaces on campus has shown me the impacts of our school’s social, racial and economic division. These backgrounds have fueled my desire to help people become better community members, to educate people about different identities and to motivate others to practice awareness, empathy, listening. Most of all, I want to be a supporter and friend to anyone who is in need of a safe space. I want to make Williams a more supportive, comfortable, and inclusive environment where people feel like they can be who they are.
    About me: I am from Charlotte, North Carolina and in high school I was in Middletown, Delaware. I like to watch movies with people, harvest vegetables, paint/draw/collage, dance, be inspired to do random creative things, meditate, discuss politics/social issues. I major in PSCI, and I take a lot of classes in WGSS/Art/Africana/Spanish. I love to make new friends!
    Come talk to me about: Intersectional feminism, mental health, LGBTQIA+ issues, rape and sexual assault, allyship, current issues on campus, what to do for fun in Williamstown, ideas, life, random thoughts…Everything and anything.
  • Pronouns: He/Him/His
    Class of: 2020
    Why I decided to become a community engagement fellow: I wanted to be a Community Builder because I have seen frustration and pain caused by a lack of mutual understanding, compassion, and care. I am driven by my optimism which says: with patience and humility we can recognize ouselves in others, build connections across difference, and love generously. The Davis Center, and the wonderful people within it, are invested in that same project and I wanted to work alongside them in our efforts to make Williams better for everyone.
    About me: I was born and raised in southern California as the middle of five kids. At Williams I am a rising senior, a political science major, a MASC (Masculinity, Accountability, Sexual Assault, Consent) co-president, a member of the Alcohol Working Group, a former athlete, a relentless optimist, and a devoted friend.
    Come talk to me about: Anything. I would especially like to talk to anyone and everyone who is new to the subjects that the Davis Center covers, gets nervous or uncomfortable talking about issues of diversity and inclusion, or those who have no clue what the Davis Center even does!
  • Pronouns: She/Her
    Class of: 2022
    Why I decided to become a community engagement fellow: In my first year at Williams I sensed a disconnect between the general students and the minority community, particularly the “brown” community I am a part of.  The Davis Center will allow me to explore how to address these issues and also provide me with a better sense of community.
    About me: I’m a Nepali-American from Lancaster, CA.  I travel to Nepal every/ every other summer to visit family.  Also, I love tea and have a white lab named Setu. I enjoy sunshine, sleep, and milk chocolate anything.
    Come talk to me about: Identity, feminism, music, immigrant parents, politics, cold Williams winters, being far from home, K-dramas, crime investigations, dogs, fitness and well-being, and really anything else.
  • Pronouns: He/Him/His
    Class of: 2021
    Why I decided to become a community engagement fellow: In my first 2 years at Williams, I’ve come to love this community and place more than I’ve loved anything else before. Coming from a background where I didn’t have a great family relationship, entering a community that supported and accepted me for who I am was both foreign and incredibly lifting. At Williams, I want to contribute in any way I can to this culture of positivity, listening, and support that has blessed me incredibly. I know that it often takes very little to be encouraged—that a simple “how are you doing?” or “I believe in you.” can go a really long way—and I want to share the feelings of validation and love that were so incredibly meaningful to me. Of course, because I love Williams deeply, I also acknowledge and recognize the many flaws that exist on campus. As much as we strive to be, Williams is not an all-inclusive, equitable, and accessible space. I think the challenge then that forms, of trying to address problems involving identities that are not equally privileged, is an incredibly important task. Ultimately, I want to be a community builder because I want everyone to be able to feel as if they belong and feel comfortable without having to change themselves.
    About me: You know, whenever I write these about me introductions I’m conflicted on what to put first, because I assume you the reader will think what comes first is what is most important to me. Not always true, but somewhat?

    Here goes:
    – I love to sing and generally play/listen to music. Right now I’m really into this band HONNE.
    – I am a chess fanatic — please ask me to add you to the chess listserv — I promise it’ll be good for the both of us.
    – I like to think that I like to write poetry, but in actuality I write very little :(. But I would love to hear any of yours!
    – I like to think that I like to read, but when school starts it appears that I do not actually like reading.
    – Avid consumer of all sitcoms, suggestions welcome!
    – Like to travel and observe/experience different ways of living.
    – Philosophy major from Long Island, NY
    – enjoy weightlifting – please say hello in the gym!
    – want to learn about and understand differing ideologies and perspectives.
    – expert time waster, Reddit browser, sucker for online deals and shopping.
    Ok, so kind of a mess organizationally, and probably not listed in order of importance, but also it’s hard to fit everything about me in a few bullets, so I promise there’s a lot more to me!
    Come talk to me about: Anything you want! Would love to get to know you and hear what’s going through your mind. Seriously, reach out! You’ve got my email.