Davis Center Community Builders

The Davis Center Community Builders


The Community Builders are a Davis Center-trained, peer-to-peer diversity education group. The DC Community Builders work closely with the DC staff and are part of the Davis Center’s effort to provide education for the campus on issues of identity, power, and privilege in order to build a more inclusive community.

Our Community Builders hold student office hours and are ambassadors for the Davis Center across campus. Stop by Jenness House, or whenever you see them, and say “Hi!”.

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Meet our 2017-2018 Community Builders!

  • Name: Sharai Dottin
  • Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
  • Class of: 2018
  • Why I decided to become a community builder:  I wanted to make community builders a more visible and accessible resource for students on campus, especially for those transitioning into sophomore year, which I feel can be the hardest year at Williams to adjust to, and those who may be experience many things in a particular way, at Williams and beyond, due to their marginalized identity.
  • About me: I’m a history major and Africana studies concentrator from Boston, MA. On campus I’m a part of Sankofa, the Black Student Union, Gospel Choir, and for the past two years I worked as a classroom helper for a kindergarten class at Williamstown Elementary School. I’m a Black feminist, pizza addict, twerkaholic, and lover of all things Parks and Rec and Jane the Virgin. While other people have problems with binge-watching Netflix, I have a serious addiction to binging YouTube videos (vegan recipe videos are my current favorite although no, I’m not a vegan :)).
  • Come talk to me about: Black feminism, dealing with isolation or microaggressions in the entry, adjusting to Williams as a sophomore, effectively dealing with problematic friends and classmates, stress relief, faith, memes, gender politics, trying to complete the Div. 3 requirement, pizza…literally anything!

  • Name: Kyle Walker
  • Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
  • Class of: 2019
  • Why I decided to become a community builder: I’ve met some of the coolest people I know on campus through Davis Center programming, and I’m so excited to join their ranks this year! My two years at Williams thus far have taught me so much about social justice; I hope to continue that trend as a community builder and to share the lessons I have learned with other people.
  • About me: I am from Indianapolis, IN, where I reside with my parents, my four siblings, and my kitty Wesley when I’m not at Williams. I am majoring in economics and women’s, gender, and sexuality studies. Outside the classroom, I am a JA to the Class of 2019 (in the best entry, Dennett 2!), a member of the Concert and Chamber choirs, and a Classroom Helper at Williamstown Elementary School. My interests include cats, garlic bread, music, Stranger Things, and sunsets.
  • Come talk to me about: feminism, mental health, navigating Williams as a first-gen and/or low-income student, effortless perfection, entry life, queer theory, bread, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, my cat, places to cry at Williams

  • Name: Blaine Williams
  • Pronouns: He/Him/His
  • Class of: 2019.5
  • Why I decided to become a community builder: The community builder position was actually one of the driving factors behind my decision to come to Williams! Sparking dialogue and conversations about diversity, identity, and social justice is extremely important to me, and I wanted to be able to put these interests to use and contribute to the growth of the Williams community by supporting and being a resource for people on campus.
  • About me: I’m a Los Angeles native studying Economics and Biology, and I transferred here to Williams for a slight change of scenery after spending my freshman year at Claremont McKenna College in Southern California. My passions include sunshine, the Knowles sisters, trashy television, avocado toast, and – of course – combatting systemic inequality.
  • Come talk to me about: What it’s like to be far away from home, adjusting to Williams College life, mental health, self-care, race and/or sexuality (and their intersections!), “fitting in” and impostor syndrome, being a good/better ally and friend, science, Gossip Girl, existential dread, pop culture, that new album that dropped last week – anything!

  • Name: Katie Manning
  • Pronouns: They/She
  • Class of: 2020
  • Why I decided to become a community builder: Being a queer, mentally ill, first-generation student from a dysfunctional family, I have stumbled attempting to understand all my identities, their intersections, their influence on my perception in society and on my own wellbeing, and their interaction with the other identities of people whom I talk with. Because of my own struggles I work extra hard to ensure that I can be a support, listener, and ally for anyone and everyone else struggling with identity, society, discrimination, and handling issues that lots of people like to shove under the door. I wanted to be a community builder so I could share my compassion and support with others.
  • About me:  I’m a recently declared Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies major with interests also in English, Psychology, Environmental Studies, Africana Studies, Spanish….the list goes on. I’m involved with Speakfree, the Mental Health Committee, and First-Gen activities. I have an emotional support dog named Zoey on campus. I love writing poetry and sometimes fiction, reading, journaling, hanging with my friends and dogs, talking about queerness, gender, mental illness, and privilege. My favorite TV show is LOST and I love chocolate with breakfast. Oh, also, I’m from the Southside suburbs of Chicago.
  • Come talk to me about: being first-gen, low-income, an ally to friends of color and/or friends of various marginalized identities, queer, non-binary, mentally ill (I’m most knowledgeable on generalized anxiety, social anxiety, ptsd, depression, eating disorders, and substance-linked disorders), a member of a dysfunctional family; how to practice self-care or learn what self-care is; discuss privilege and oppression and how they overlap; learn how to better have conversations about identity, oppression, privilege, and social justice; how to quit clubs; whatever else you want!

  • Name: Alina Lin
  • Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
  • Class of: 2020
  • Why I decided to become a community builder: Every student here at Williams deserves to feel like a part of a community, and that their voices are heard and their issues acknowledged and taken seriously. The Davis Center endeavors to foster such communities and support, and I’d like to do my best to contribute to that.
  • About me:   I grew up in New Zealand, and lived in Australia for a while while attending Sydney Law School before heading over to Williams College. I’m an Econ and Statistics major.
  • Come talk to me about: Anything and everything! Sometimes the Purple Bubble can feel lonelier than ever, but just know that there are people all around willing to listen.