Davis Center Community Builders

The Davis Center Community Builders


The Community Builders are a Davis Center-trained, peer-to-peer diversity education group. The DC Community Builders work closely with the DC staff and are part of the Davis Center’s effort to provide education for the campus on issues of identity, power, and privilege in order to build a more inclusive community.

Our Community Builders hold student office hours and are ambassadors for the Davis Center across campus. Stop by Jenness House, or whenever you see them, and say “Hi!”.

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Meet our 2016-2017 Community Builders!


Portrait of Fernanda Lai

Fernanda Lai Peer Office Hours:
Mondays 3-5pm

  • Name: Fernanda Lai
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Class of: 2017
  • Why I decided to become a community builder: I love Williams and I believe that communities are not formed through happy accidents, but require patience, love and care.
  • About me: Despite growing up in Hong Kong and Sydney, Fernanda never adjusted to the pace of life and is still an incredibly slow walker. She is a senior English major and can be found reciting poetry under fall foliage. She enjoys carousing with her bike Kale, is very particular about her tea and has a basil plant called Horace.
  • Come talk to me about: poetry, feminism, gender and sexuality, the experience of being an international student, deconstruction, cloud formations and anything you would like!


Portrait of Claire Bunn

Claire Bunn Peer Office Hours:
Thursdays 11:30-1:30pm; Fridays 3-5pm

  • Name: Claire Bunn
  • Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
  • Class of: 2020
  • Why I decided to become a community builder: I decided to become a community builder because I wanted to help work to make diversity and social justice issues accessible to everyone in the Williams community regardless of how much background knowledge people have. I hope to help create space for conversations that may be difficult to have to on campus.
  • About me: I’m from the Boston Area (#GoSox) specifically Watertown, MA. I love Harry Potter, Mad Men, and Rihanna, and as much as I question their lasting effects on my psyche, I LOVE a good Disney movie.
  • Come talk to me about: Mental health/ health supports on campus, listening effectively, working towards good allyship, understanding what privilege is and how it affects who we are, sexual assault resources at Williams, Jane the Virgin, Broad City, Kim and Kanye’s gender politics, or just come say hi!


Portrait of Linda Worden

Linda Worden Peer Office Hours:
Wednesdays 10am-12pm; Fridays 1-3pm

  • Name: Linda Worden
  • Pronouns: she/her
  • Class of: 2019
  • Why I decided to become a community builder: The work that the Davis Center does is incredibly important to me, and that’s why I wanted to work here for a second year.
  • About me: My hometown is Penticton, B.C, Canada, and my interests at Williams include the Queer Student Union, Divest, and the Feminist Collective.
  • Come talk to me about: Social justice work is so essential to making our lives better, so I’d love to talk to anyone who has projects or ideas they’d like to make happen on campus. Also, please feel free to talk to me about cats, politics, Canada, gender, and poetry.


Portrait of Alejandra

Alejandra Davila Peer Office Hours:
Tuesdays 3-5pm

  • Name: Alejandra Aileen Davila
  • Pronouns: She/her
  • Class of: 2019
  • Why I decided to become a community builder: I love the intersectionality of the DC Center. I love the people who work at the DC Center. I love the events sponsored by the DC Center. But most importantly, I love the never-ending snacks provided by the DC Center. So, when I saw that there was an opportunity for me to become involved at a place that I had so much admiration for and eat granola bars 24/7, I HAD to apply.
  • About me: Hi everyone! I’m Alejandra (you can call me Alé) and I’m from San Bernardino, California. I grew up in a predominately Latinx community, and I am in a heart-breaking long-distance relationship with Mexican and Peruvian food. I am exceptionally bad at lyrics and memes are my preferred form of communication. I’m extremely passionate about social justice and infinitely frustrated by gentrification, racial and gender inequality, and the marginalization of minority groups.
  • Come talk to me about: What it’s like to be a low-income, minority student at an institution like Williams. Moving super duper far away from home. Graciously quitting a sports team. Existential crises regarding majors, friendships, faith, and the incredibly scary “purpose of life.” I love cacti and succulents, salsa music, and avocados, so if you ever want to talk about cacti while eating an avocado and listening to salsa music, I’m your person!