Community Builders 2018 -2019

  • Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

    Class of: 2021

    Why I decided to become a community builder: I first encountered community builders when I visited for previews and I instantly knew I wanted to be a part of the work being done through them and the Davis Center. Sometimes it can be difficult to talk to an “adult” about identity, social justice, or just plain social struggles you’re facing, so being in a student position like the community builders gives me the chance to be a safe and comforting ear for anyone in need.

    About me: I was born and raised in southeast Texas surrounded by cows and injustice and have been looking for a way out for as long as I can remember. I’m the baby of my family with two older brothers but I live with my parents, grandmother, and 6 very grumpy cats. I’m prospectively going to major in Sociology (and maybe something else if it catches my attention) and am currently finding my niche in the Williams community. My interests include binge watching shows in languages I don’t understand, all the TexMex in the world, taking picture of trees, and those cute cookie decorating videos on Instagram.

    Come talk to me about: Anything and everything, what it’s like to be 2000 miles away from home, intersectional feminism, missing your pets, how to be a helpful ally, a good show you’re currently watching, body positivity, your favorite band, self-care methods, where to get a good enchilada around here (please, someone come talk to me about this).

  • Pronouns: He/Him/His

    Why I decided to become a community builder: As a queer and trans person of color, I have encountered adversity as a result of misinformation and ignorance. These experiences led me to spend my free time creating safe spaces for marginalized youth in my hometown. I also worked to combat prejudice by educating others on the experiences of people like myself through local organizations that held workshops. I’m a community builder because I want to continue educating and supporting my peers while on campus.

    About me: I was born in California but learned how to read and write in Barcelona, Spain, and attended high school in Miami, FL.  I am queer and transmasculine, of Chinese and Colombian descent, and have no clue what I’ll be majoring in or doing with my life after graduation.

    Come talk to me about: Everything!

  • Pronouns: He/Him/His

    Class of: 2021

    Why I decided to become a community builder: In my own experience, navigating the often interlocked factors of race, sexuality, and income are difficult. I want to help people understand the issues in any way I can. Being a community builder means that I can help create understanding and empathy, both for people who come from historically marginalized backgrounds (like me,) and people who want to learn to be better friends, allies, teammates, and classmates. 

    About me: I’m originally from Houston, Texas (where it’s 80 degrees in December.) I’m not sure what I’ll be majoring in, but it will likely involve lengthy Foucault readings. I’m currently in Vista, serve on the board of QSU, and write for the Williams Record. I also love writing poetry, traveling, eating food, talking about politics, drinking coffee, and movie marathons with friends. I love to watch shows like Parks and Recreation, Chewing Gum, and Black Mirror when I’m not working or writing a paper.

    Come talk to me about: I’m open to talking about anything, but on a personal level I can talk about being a student of color at Williams, LGBTQIA+ issues, navigating the intersectional aspects of your identity, being first-gen, Netflix shows, homework stress, or if just you need someone to talk to about anything.