About Us

Here to Educate, Empower, and Lead the Williams community.

Identity is a social structure. Multifarious, occasionally fragmented, sometimes contradictory, often unresolved, always in flux. Identity is formed and re-formed in interactions between our self and society. Who we are, how we see and experience ourselves—indeed who we are becoming—is contingent upon reciprocity: I am. You are.

Diversity is a distinct and intentional feature of campus life at Williams College. It is also a potent resource. The Center serves as a nexus, linking communities, galvanizing individuals. It provides a context for incisive, mobilizing, transformative interactions—planned and impromptu—that contribute to the advancement of diverse social identities, particularly those defined by race, ethnicity, class, gender, religion, ability and sexual orientation. Through  programming, mentoring, and course offerings, the Center supports critical thinking, facilitates meaningful dialogue and precipitates multilateral exchange. The result is empowerment—fundamental to leadership and essential to social change.

Who We Are

The Center is a part of the Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Diversity which also consists of the Vice President, Associate Dean, and Special Academic Programs. Together, this unit seeks to strengthen the College’s commitment to inclusion by ensuring that diversity initiatives are advanced and celebrated.